Bidi Stick


The Most Innovative
Vaping Experience

Bidi Stick is a game-changing e-liquid disposable vape device created by Bidi Vapor. We strive to deliver only the best products, with our consumers and environment as our prime inspirations.

bidi stick

About Bidi Disposable Device

  • Bidi stick is portable, odorless, and safe
  • Contains 6% (84mg) Class A nicotine delivers inaccurate doses
  • 280mAh Cellphone-Grade Battery reliable and fully recyclable
  • Traceability and child/tamper-proof packaging
  • Sustainable bidi cares platform to help save the environment

Available in 11 Flavors

Taste The DIfference

Berry Blast

Strawberry + Blueberry

Blazing Vibe

Mango + Apple + Orange

Champion Juice

Mint + Ginger + Lemon

Dragon Venom

Dragonfruit + Strawberry

Fruity Mango

Fresh Mango

Icy Mango

Mango + Menthol

Lush Ice

Watermelon + Melon + Menthol

Mint Freeze

Mint+ Menthol

Kick Start

Blueberry + Pomegranate

Jungle Juice

Melon + Pineapple + Banana 

Classic Tobacco

Toasted Tobacco

Bidi Stick Attributes

  • Offers a new generation nicotine delivery system which allows users to access stronger nicotine concentration accurately. The SaltNic e-liquid in Bidi Stick is 6% (84mg) by weight per volume.
  • Uses only Class A Nicotine for smoother throat hits
  • The convenient, hassle and maintenance-free draw vape system is equipped with a 280 mAH cellphone-grade battery
  • Packed with enough juice and power to outlast 2 packs of cigarettes or approximately 500 puffs

Bidi Stick Collection

Available in 10, 18, and 90 Packs