Bidi Vape Stick


Bidi Stick: A Top Selling Disposable Vape Device

Dedicated to Compliance, Quality, and Integrity

BIDI Vapor has created BIDI Sticks to provide a premium vaping product that emphasizes convenience, safety, and compliance with manufacturing guidelines and regulatory requirements in accordance with CE and ISO 9001 certifications. The Core Values of BIDI Vapor are reflected in the actions they take in every step of their manufacturing, distribution, and marketing activities.

The Most Innovative
Vaping Experience

About Bidi Disposable Device

Convenience that Doesn’t
Compromise Quality

Every BIDI Stick vape device contains 1.4ml of premium E-liquid (with 6% Class A nicotine, 60 mg/ml), available in 11 flavors:


(Berry Blast)

Strawberry & Blueberry


(Blazing Vibe)

Mango, Apple, & Orange


(Champion Juice)

Mint, Ginger, & Lemon


(Dragon Venom)

Dragonfruit & Strawberry


(Fruity Mango)



(Icy Mango)

Mango & Menthol


(Lush Ice)

Watermelon, Melon & Menthol


(Mint Freeze)

Mint Menthol


(Kick Start)

Blueberry & Pomegranate


(Jungle Juice)

Melon, Pineapple & Banana


(Classic Tobacco)


Bidi Stick Vape Device

The names of these flavors have been altered as of 2020 in order to limit their appeal to underage smokers, a step that other brands such as Puff Bar have yet to adopt. BIDI Vapor provides handy guides to the name changes on their website and in their marketing materials for retailers. Loyal buyers can still get all the flavors they love!

Each BIDI Stick comes with a fully-charged 280mAh battery designed to provide long-lasting power which will last for the life of each disposable device. No need for users to recharge the device before all 1.4ml of E-liquid are consumed. These batteries are also fully recyclable as part of BIDI Vapor’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices.

Recyclable Devices

BIDI Sticks are disposable in the sense that they are single-use devices to the end-user, but BIDI Cares is BIDI Vapor’s recycling initiative which allows users to recycle used devices in exchange for new ones direct from the manufacturer.

The environmental benefit is a compelling selling point to the conscious consumer, as well as a strong incentive to maintain brand loyalty and avoid cheap, low-quality products.

Contrast this with other popular brands such as Puff Bar, whose devices are not recyclable, and who does not offer any consumer guidance on reducing e-waste from disposable vape products. 


Product Authentication & Counterfeit Prevention

BIDI Stick products have 3 levels of authentication via the anti-fake sticker on each device. Users and retailers can confirm the authenticity of a device by:

  • Performing a water test on the anti-fake sticker – a drop of water on the sticker will not permanently alter the BIDI logo on the sticker
  • Performing a marker-smear test on the anti-fake sticker – after wiping away the marker smear, the BIDI logo will turn black and retain the color
  • Scanning the QR code – peeling the sticker will reveal a QR code which can be scanned and a numeric code which can be entered in BIDI’s online authenticator

Retailers and wholesalers are strongly encouraged to authenticate product before sale to prohibit the proliferation of counterfeit devices which are dangerous and a significant source of potential liability.


A Growing Contender in the Disposable Vape Marketspace

As of 2020, Nielson reports indicate that BIDI Sticks are the second-best selling disposable vape product on the market, only behind Puff Bar. BIDI Sticks accounted for 24.2% of the total sale volume of disposable vape product, grossing $110.8 million in sales over a 52-week period.

Where & How to Offer BIDI Sticks

BIDI Sticks are legal to sell to adults 21 years of age or older anywhere nicotine-containing products may be distributed. Units can be purchased in single-flavor sleeves of 10 retail units ($75) or by the case (single-flavor, 30 10-unit sleeves, total of 300 retail units, $2,250). MSRP on a single unit is $14.99. BIDI Stick sleeves are ready to seamlessly integrate with existing inventory on store shelves or countertops and individual units can be easily stowed away behind a counter for loss-prevention purposes.

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