Candid Kratom

The First & Most Innovative Kratom Extract Drink Mix

Now offering a new Kratom extract drink mix – with natural orange flavor. At Candid, we’re now offering our best valued Kratom drink mix powder. More kratom potency at a lower price. With six (6) grams of kratom in each packet, providing you with the extra potency you’ve been looking for. 

Candid Orange Flavored Kratom Drink Mix

Our new high concentration of Kratom extract provides the full advantages of the two active chemical compounds that simulate desirable effects. This premium Candid Orange Kratom extract offers additional benefits of boosting energy levels, as well as providing significant pain relief for common daily challenges. 

Candid Kratom Extract is Available Now

Growing naturally in Southeast Asia, this highly beneficial powder mixes easily with water for on-the-go stimulation and antioxidant power, now packed with more Kratom in the same size packages you know so well. In addition to an energy boost, Kratom Orange offers relief from anxiety and produces a feeling of sociability to make the most of your busy day. 

With a great, natural orange taste, you can’t go wrong with this Kratom product. One packet per day is more than enough to replace coffee in your daily routine with more benefits than caffeine has to offer and without the midday crash we all loathe!