Derall Nutraceutical Brain-Booster


Derall Boost A Nutraceutical Brain-Booster

A Focus-Enhancing Formulation

Students, busy professionals, creatives, and other people from all walks of life are always looking for a Boost. Something to help them maximize their potential and productivity when energy is in short supply. Derall Boost capsules are formulated with a proprietary blend of compounds designed to enhance focus, uplift mood, and provide energy.

The nootropic and nutraceutical industry continues to grow as consumers look for ways to “hack” their brains and bodies to improve performance, and Derall Boost provides a compelling option.


What’s in Derall?

Derall’s proprietary formulation includes:

Who uses Derall Boost?

Users of Derall Boost turn to it for:

Individuals who may be unsatisfied with typical energy drinks which contain only caffeine and (and many empty calories from sugar) may seek out other options which they feel will offer more assistance in maintaining focus

and cognitive performance over long periods. Derall Boost offers more than the typical caffeine pill because raw energy is only one part of performance.


Entry-level Nootropics

Many mainstream consumers are unfamiliar with nootropics and nutraceuticals, even if they have actually used them. Derall Boost may serve as a gateway to these product categories and has the advantage of containing a familiar ingredient, caffeine. Not only does this familiarity make consumers more agreeable to trying a product like Derall Boost, but the caffeine can produce an effect the consumer can feel, reinforcing their satisfaction with the product and potentially stimulating their interest in additional products from the category.

Where and How to Offer Derall Boost Products

Derall Boost will fit seamlessly with stores’ existing shelf spaces and countertops with its retail packaging. The retail units are 2-count pouches, with a recommended dose of 1-2 capsules. Retail units can be purchased in sleeves (4.50 x 3.25 x 4.25, 12 Units, $42.00) or by the case (14 x 12 x 10, 18 sleeves, total of 216 units, $756.00). Each unit has an MSRP of $6.99.


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