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As Kratom products gain wider-spread acceptance in the United States, innovations in the industry are emerging and Vitalize Max Kratom Shots are at the forefront of this revolution. The advantages of this form-factor include convenient transport, ease of use and consistency in dosing. No powders to mix, no capsules to swallow! With a flavor similar to blended herbal tea, a Vitalize Max Kratom Shot can be taken on its own in a manner similar to many commercially available energy and health supplements.  The 1.93 Fl Oz (57ml) bottles will look familiar to any consumer familiar with brands such as 5-hour Energy® and will not look out of place occupying the same shelves and checkout counters of convenience stores or other beverage purveyors.

Vitalize Max Kratom Shots have great potential to attract experimenters looking to try something new or users of other products who are dissatisfied with their current go-to.

Their self-contained, easy-to-transport form factor also lend themselves well to enthusiastic users of kratom who are daunted by the prospect of traveling with other forms of kratom that may not make it through airport security or other travel hazards. A few shots are easy to pack into luggage or make for a good low-commitment purchase while on the road.

Vitalize Max

Kratom is safe to use (though it should not be mixed with drugs or alcohol), and has no lasting effects or addictive potential greater than common substances such as caffeine. In fact, the receptors in the human brain which interact with kratom are the same as those acted upon by caffeine, chocolate, and exercise.

Who uses Vitalize Max Kratom Shots?

Users of Vitalize Max Kratom Shots and other kratom products use them for:

Why Use Kratom?

Many users have also turned to kratom for help with opioid withdrawal because it acts on the same receptors in the body. Vitalize Max’s proprietary blend of M. Speciosa kratom leaf extract and white willow extract is formulated to be fast-acting and effective, with fewer side effects compared to other supplements. The Vitalize Max shot experience can be compared to that of drinking coffee, without the accompanying “jitters” often associated with caffeine, and without the “crash” that can often occur with the consumption of sugary energy drinks. Users often report that the increased focus and energy are frequently accompanied by a feeling of relaxation, offering the best of both worlds. This makes it an easy product to recommend to customers looking for a pick-me-up or recovery booster that won’t affect them negatively in unexpected ways and can help them be productive when they need it most.


Natural Effective Easy Vitalize Max

Athletes report positive effects when using kratom to increase stamina, reduce muscle fatigue, and enhance focus. Vitalize Max Kratom Shots are convenient to pop into an equipment bag or store in a locker for use before or after workouts and games (and may be especially attractive to the college athlete who is expected to perform after a late night). Non-athletes working in physically demanding jobs may also be potential markets to tap as they begin to seek alternatives to coffee or energy drinks.


For the Active Adult

Where many kratom products are marketed as therapeutic or medicinal, Vitalize Max kratom shots are targeted toward the youth crowd similar to energy drinks and is intended to draw in the “adrenaline junkie” or extreme sports enthusiast – something to keep an active adult energized, focused and ready to perform with an easy-to-use shot.

Vitalize Max Kratom Shot
Vitalize Max is produced using only Maeng Da kratom (and contains more Maeng Da kratom than any other product on the market). Maeng Da kratom is the most potent variety available, which contains high concentrations of the two most active ingredients in kratom supplements, the alkaloids 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine. The kratom leaves used in Vitalize Max’s production are sourced from southeast Asia and the finished product is manufactured in the United States, in Michigan.

The Maeng Da Difference

Where & How to Offer Vitalize Max

This is a product category ripe for explosive growth and Vitalize Max is a product poised to lead the charge with its consumer-friendly convenience. Kratom is legal in most states with the exception of Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin and Washington DC. Some regional restrictions or exceptions may apply based on local ordinances.

Vitalize Max shots can be purchased in sleeves (5.90 x 4.50 x 3.50, 12 units, $40.20) and by the case (18.00 x 9.50 x 7.60, 12 sleeves, total 144 units, $482.40). MSRP per retail unit is $6.99. Each retail unit is the common 2oz size seen in many other popular energy and vitamin supplement shots and will integrate seamlessly with existing inventory on shelves and countertops either individually or displayed in sleeves.

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