Am I Ready to Enter the CBD Industry? (Part 2)
Differentiating Your Brand With stiff competition comes the need for brand differentiation in many forms. Ideally, consumers of any product need to feel that the brand fits with who they are, their motivations for buying, and their preferences for how...
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Introducing Bidi Stick by Bidi Vapor
Convenience stores and other retailers are noticing that disposable vape devices, sometimes called e-cigarettes, have become a notable niche product in their shops. In fact, 3.5% of U.S. adults used vape products in 2015. Of these current adult users, 58.8% smoked...
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Alternative Product Wholesale Solutions
Product Categories in a State of Constant Change In the fast-paced world of alternative products, challenges abound. New regulations are enacted in the face of moral panics, old regulations are rewritten as scientific studies separate myth from fact, and entire...
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