About Us

Alternative Product Distribution & Manufacturing

The advantages of doing business with a fully integrated alternative product company allow us to give you unrestricted access to our manufacturing and distribution processes. Transparency is how we continue to maintain a firm foundation of trust and market leadership. After successfully satisfying customers for over 18 years, our refined and trusted manufacturing and distribution processes continue providing excellent alternative product craftsmanship.

Bringing Wholesale, Distribution & Manufacturing Together

Why Us?

Clean, Compliant, Lab-Tested Alternative Products

MMS Distro is one of the largest manufacturing and distribution companies in providing quality alternative products across the nation. We specialize in alternative products including, CBD, and vapes utilizing the highest quality control standards and procedures.

We guarantee quality and verify it through transparency at all stages of our manufacturing and distribution processes. 

With offices in New York State and distribution centers located across the nation, we’re able to provide timely delivery, on time, every time. Our cutting-edge approach to high-tech manufacturing and practical distribution infrastructure gives us the competitive advantage to serve you and your customers with consistent quality.

Our Story

MMS Distro Alternative Distribution & Manufacturing